5361 E. 82nd Street., Indianapolis, IN 46250 | (317) 842.4223
5361 E. 82nd Street., Indianapolis, IN 46250 | (317) 842.4223
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Our goal is simple

To offer our customers the best CBD products out there. With over 850 brands on the market, and new ones introduced daily, it can be challenging to find high-quality products with the purity and potency necessary to have CBD’s therapeutic effects. We researched the industry to find the best growers and producers of HIGH QUALITY and ORGANIC CBD products.

PharmFree Life is a woman-owned CBD dispensary established in part to create a comfortable, inviting, and female-friendly space where customers can shop for the best products on the market and enjoy a great cup of coffee!


Our Mission

PharmFree Life is dedicated to providing an alternative source to traditional pharmaceutical regimens by delivering high-quality, responsibly sourced CBD-rich (hemp) products to enhance our customer's quality of life. 

We are about building relationships, not transactions, with our customers. We are a community where all are welcome, and we believe there’s no better way to bond than over a great cup of coffee filled with therapeutic benefits! We welcome those from all walks of life and welcome you to stop in, learn, and explore the PharmFree Life Experience.

The PharmFree Difference 

Our Products

All Cannabis products are Indiana compliant with a traceable Certificate of Analysis (COA) via QR code on the package. Product laboratory testing has included Cannabinoid profile, Terpene profile (whole flower) & Toxin screen. 

No artificial colors or ingredients including preservatives & modified/fake sugars

Gluten Free – With the growing evidence that most folks feel better without gluten in their diets, we’ve made it a commitment to avoid gluten & wheat in our products, drinks & snacks

Vegan (when possible) – We care about our impact on all inhabitants of this planet so we strive to maintain a harm-none mindset. 

Taste – only a select few products will have a strong earthy flavor, this is for the complete therapeutic benefit of those products. One key culprit is Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll alone has anti inflammatory & anticancer properties. If you have a sensitive palate we will be happy to direct you to the best product for your needs.

Unique – We appreciate the unique, hidden gems that surround us; be that a product, person or story. We’ve included that love for uniqueness into every detail of our dispensary & Cafe and it’s products.

Price & Value matter - All products are priced well for strength, quantity, packaging & uniqueness

More About Us & Our Partners

At PharmFree Life, Hoosier companies get first priority on our shelves. We believe in supporting local farmers and brands who meet our standards.   Additionally, we place emphasis on supporting Minority & Women-owned business in the cannabis space. 

We are not just a CBD Dispensary we are a local source of CBD/Cannabis education, plant wellness, and a cozy spot to meet up with friends; enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea; hang out with your club/social group; check out local artists; shop for locally curated artwork related to Cannabis, Women and Wellness. 

We also welcome you to attend many of our cannabis & wellness focused special events. Please check out our monthly calendar for our lineup.

Happy Hempin’ Wednesday is our weekly celebration for  the end of Hemp Prohibition in Indiana! Join us every Wednesday for 1/2 price drinks and 10% off select products.

Tread lightly – As a responsible dispensary & cafe we must think carefully about each choice we make from bags, napkins, & cups to toilet paper & packaging. We promise to keep these choices as green-focused and sustainable as possible. If you have new ideas or suggestions we’d love to discuss them!